Scammers Impersonate Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Fraudulent Technical Support Campaign

Number: AL16-004
Date: 24 March 2016


The purpose of this Alert is to bring attention to a fraudulent technical support campaign impersonating ISPs.


Through open source reporting, CCIRC is aware of a technical support scam that impersonates ISPs in order to convince users to give the scammers remote access to their machines and remove allegedly malicious files for a fee.  The scammers identify the target’s ISP through their client IP address, and then display a legitimate looking technical support page, mimicking that of the legitimate ISP, that urges the intended victim to call for immediate assistance. Once the victim contacts the number provided, the fraudulent technician takes remote control of the machine to convince the victim that they are infected with several malicious files, and that they should make a payment to the technician to remove the allegedly malicious files. The fraudulent technician will perform simple file searches on the system in an attempt to add credibility to their activities. The scammers rely on the fact that some people may not be able to distinguish between malicious and non-malicious files. The scammers also use custom audio messages impersonating the individual victim’s ISPs, giving more credibility to the scam.

Suggested Action

Anyone experiencing this type of behaviour should not establish contact with the number provided.


More information on this scam can be found at the following link:

Scammers Impersonate ISPs in New Tech Support Campaign

Note to Readers

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