Vulnerability in Juniper ScreenOS

Number: AL15-016
Date: 21 December 2015


The purpose of this alert is to bring attention to additional information made recently available concerning the disclosed vulnerability in Juniper ScreenOS.


CCIRC is aware of additional, publicly available information concerning the recently disclosed vulnerability in Juniper ScreenOS. The information contains the backdoor password for affected Juniper devices which would allow an attacker to gain shell access with elevated privileges. As a result, CCIRC would like to raise awareness concerning this potentially serious vulnerability.

Suggested action

Due to the elevated risk that this vulnerability presents, CCIRC recommends that system administrators test and deploy the vendor-released updates to affected devices accordingly. CCIRC recommends that priority is given to these patches.

The Snort signatures below were released by FoxIT security and can be used to detect exploit attempts. Telnet login attempts using the disclosed backdoor password will trigger an alert for both login attempts and successful logins. An alert is triggered for all SSH login attempts (including legitimate traffic).

alert tcp $HOME_NET 23 -> any any (msg:"FOX-SRT - Flowbit - Juniper ScreenOS telnet (noalert)"; flow:established,to_client; content:"Remote Management Console|0d0a|"; offset:0; depth:27; flowbits:set,; flowbits:noalert; reference:cve,2015-7755; reference:url,; classtype:policy-violation; sid:21001729; rev:2;)

alert tcp any any -> $HOME_NET 23 (msg:"FOX-SRT - Backdoor - Juniper ScreenOS telnet backdoor password attempt"; flow:established,to_server; flowbits:isset,; flowbits:set,; content:"|3c3c3c20257328756e3d2725732729203d202575|"; offset:0; fast_pattern; classtype:attempted-admin; reference:cve,2015-7755; reference:url,; sid:21001730; rev:2;)

alert tcp $HOME_NET 23 -> any any (msg:"FOX-SRT - Backdoor - Juniper ScreenOS successful logon"; flow:established,to_client; flowbits:isset,; content:"-> "; isdataat:!1,relative; reference:cve,2015-7755; reference:url,; classtype:successful-admin; sid:21001731; rev:1;)

alert tcp $HOME_NET 22 -> $EXTERNAL_NET any (msg:"FOX-SRT - Policy - Juniper ScreenOS SSH world reachable"; flow:to_client,established; content:"SSH-2.0-NetScreen"; offset:0; depth:17; reference:cve,2015-7755; reference:url,; classtype:policy-violation; priority:1; sid:21001728; rev:1;)


CCIRC Advisory AV15-126: Juniper 2015-12 Out of Cycle Security Bulletin

Rapid7 Blog - CVE-2015-7755: Juniper ScreenOS Authentication Backdoor

SANS (ISC) - Infocon Yellow: Juniper Backdoor (CVE-2015-7755 and CVE-2015-7756)

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