Countering Violent Extremism

Building Resilience against Terrorism is the Government of Canada's Counter-terrorism Strategy. It provides a framework for addressing domestic and international terrorist threats. The Strategy has four elements: Prevent, Detect, Deny and Respond.

Prevention is a major aspect of countering violent extremism. The Prevent element of the Counter-terrorism Strategy aims to get at the root causes and factors that contribute to terrorism by actively engaging with individuals, communities and international partners. Research is also critical to better understanding these factors and how to counter them.

Success in this work requires the support and participation of all levels of government, civil society and, most of all, local communities and individual Canadians. Raising awareness among youth and adults within our local communities is an important step in preventing and countering violent extremism. That is why the Government reaches out to active and interested community representatives in order to build trust and partnerships. Families and community groups are the foundation of a safe and resilient Canada. Everyone plays a part in keeping our communities safe.

What Is the Government of Canada Doing to Counter Violent Extremism?

The Government of Canada is working to counter violent extremism through the Counter-terrorism Strategy. Under the strategy, Public Safety Canada is responsible for promoting a coordinated, approach with partner departments and agencies in order to address the issue of violent extremism. This is being done through the development of policies and the implementation of programs. 

Public Safety Canada also works closely with and provides guidance to partner and portfolio departments and agencies with specialized knowledge and experience in different aspects of countering violent extremism.


The Government of Canada invests in research in the areas of terrorism and counter-terrorism, such as preventing and countering violent extremism. These investments contribute to building a stronger, multidisciplinary community of scholarship in Canada, informing government on key counter-terrorism responses, and improving the public's understanding of terrorism-related issues.

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Community Outreach and Engagement

Community outreach and engagement is a vital and multi-faceted component of Canada's Counter-terrorism Strategy. Connecting with newcomers, young people and local leaders is particularly important, as is engaging Canadian communities in a long-term dialogue on matters related to national security.

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International Engagement

The Government participates in a number of international meetings that examine the topic of violent extremism. The Government of Canada works tirelessly in cooperation with countries around the world to heighten key national security areas such as border security, and to enhance international cooperation across an array of counter-terrorism efforts. In addition, the Government performs security screening on those who wish to travel to Canada, in order to prevent entry of foreign nationals who pose a risk.

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