ICS Security Symposium

Registration is Now Open for the June 2022 ICS Security Symposium!

Please join us for Public Safety Canada's second installment of the 2022 ICS Security Symposium, which will be held virtually on June 7 from 13:00 to 17:00 EDT.

The theme for June is Risk Modelling

Risk Modelling is a complex and nuanced process that involves identifying the threats and vulnerabilities posed to a system or asset, as well as the most appropriate countermeasures to prevent and mitigate potential disruptions. The process is key to ensure business continuity in any critical sector.

Presentations will cover risk modelling strategies, methodologies, and frameworks in an ICS/OT environment and will touch on topics related to the evolving threat environment in critical infrastructure, including supply-chain risk management, standards-based product certifications and embedded software security implications.

Event Program:

13:00–13:10: Public Safety Canada: Welcoming Remarks

13:10-13:45: Terry Ingoldsby, Amenaza Technologies Ltd. and Mark Fabro, Lofty Perch: Quantifying the Risk Reduction from Popular ICS Controls

13:45-14:20: Jonathan Mortley, Threat IQ: Safety-Focused ICS Cybersecurity Risk

14:20-14:25: Break #1

14:25-15:00: Andrew Ginter, Waterfall Security Solutions: Advanced OT Risk Management

15:00-15:35: Khalid Ansari, FM Approvals: Standards-based Product Certification and Risk Management

15:35-15:40: Break #2

15:40-16:15: Ron Brash, adolus Technology Inc.: Davy Jones' Firmware: Containers, Bare Metal, and Traditional

16:15-16:45: Panel Discussion with all of the day's presenters on current ICS security issues relevant to the community

16:45-16:50: Closing remarks by Public Safety Canada

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