Search and Rescue New Initiatives Fund
Project Budget

The budget includes all revenues and expenditures planned for a project. Applicants must use the template provided below and upload it into the online Application Form to be considered for SAR NIF funding.

Please ensure that activity related expenditures are reflected in the budget.

The in-kind and/or cash contribution from other sources must represent a minimum of 5% of the total project cost.

 Budget Template (Excel 60 KB)

If you have any questions or have accessibility concerns with the template, please contact the SAR NIF team for assistance.

Instructions for filling out the budget template

Only fill in the light blue shaded areas in each applicable fiscal year tab for your project. The rest of the template will auto-populate.

Contribution Sources

You must list the source of any cash or in-kind contributions to the project. This would be the name of the person/ organization/ government contributing the cash or in-kind resources to the project. Provide the contribution amount beside the source's name. Note: Cash and in-kind contributions are separated.

Cash and in-kind contributions must be separated by the amounts contributed from an other-government source, and non-government source. Government sources include federal, provincial and municipal governments, as well as Police Services and other government funded entities. Ensure the source of funding listed is the complete legal name of the organization contributing to the project.

Cash and In-kind Contributions

You must specify if a contribution source is cash or in-kind. Generally, a cash contribution would appear in the organization's ledger as revenue (cheque, transfer of funds, direct deposit, etc.).

Only include cash/in-kind contributions that are confirmed. This would be any contribution another source has indicated they will provide when/if the project takes place. If contributions from other sources are not confirmed, they should not be included in the budget.

Budget Items

Fill in project expenses under the appropriate category (professional services, rentals, etc.). For example, a contract with a consultant or translation service would be under professional services and a meeting space for a conference would be under rentals.

Note: Ensure budget items listed are expenditures not activities. An example of an expenditure is travel for "staff travel for community of practice meeting". An example of an activity is "community of practice".

In the details section provide the details for each budget category used. For example, number of staff and rate of pay, number of and cost per unit, etc. Justification for the relevance of the expense for the project can also be added where necessary.

Important Note: Total funding (cell I41) must equal total expenditures (cell I76)

Should you have any questions about the budget template, please contact the SAR NIF team for assistance.

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