ARCHIVED - Approved Merit List for 2011-2012

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Since the NSS provides SAR NIF funding based upon available financial resources, it is important to note that not all of the projects identified on a Merit List will necessarily be funded.

Title of Project Partner Project Description Type of Proposal Project Length(years) SAR NIF Requested Funding
Project Life Saver Association Nova Scotia (PLANS) Nova Scotia To implement a program whereby GSAR could assist two high risk client groups (Alzheimer and Autism) to avoid injury or death should an individual become separated from their caregiver. Response 2 $ 273,432.00
Yukon Avalanche Forecasting and Education Initiative (YAI) Yukon To promote avalanche safety and education in order to reduce avalanche related deaths and injuries. To develop a self-sustaining avalanche safety capacity in the north, including coordination of public avalanche safety programs and avalanche safety warnings, delivery of avalanche awareness and education in partnership with other partners. Prevention 3 $ 657,939.00
Joint Training Exercise Between RCMP (Penticton) and SAR Groups in the Okanagan Similkameen Area of British Columbia British Columbia To provide a training exercise with RCMP members acting in their role as Incident Commanders for a mock urban/rural search for a missing young person. Response 1 $ 12,000.00
Hand-Held Thermal Imaging Devices British Columbia To improve the efficiency in searching for small vessels on large bodies of water, especially in darkness and poor visibility, through the purchase of 2 hand-held "FLIR" (forward-looking infra-red) thermal imaging devices and the associated training. Response 1 $ 21,744.51
Communications Upgrading British Columbia To access and integrate valuable data while responding to incidents in remote areas and to broaden the voice communications capability over satellite and VHF radio by being able to monitor and interconnect several parties simultaneously. Response 1 $ 67,520.95
Equipment Trailer for PEI GSAR Association Prince Edward Island To allow the PEI GSAR Association to acquire a 26 foot modified cargo trailer, designed to securely transport essential rescue & personal protective equipment to operational call-outs and training exercises. Response 1 $ 48,280.00
Human Tracking Training for British Columbia - Ground Search and Rescue British Columbia To establish, maintain and oversee proven and consistent human tracking training standards in the province of BC with the primary goal to have every certified ground SAR volunteer in BC trained to a minimum of "Track Aware" (first level of tracking training). Response 1 $ 119,967.00
Search and Rescue Learning System Department of Fisheries and Oceans To design and execute an online training system for the volunteers of all the regions of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary across Canada. Response 2 $ 335,236.00
Mountain Snowmobiling Avalanche Incident Prevention Project British Columbia This project consists of two distinct, but complementary objectives. The first objective aims to improve our understanding of how mountain snowmobile riders perceive mountain risks and how they approach decision making in avalanche terrain. Based on the result of this formative research, the second objective is to expand and enhance existing prevention programs and to develop new, innovative ones that have the ability to raise the general avalanche awareness within the snowmobile community. Response 3 $ 689,469.40
Levelling the Playing Field British Columbia To bring subject matter experts in communications, transportation, local volunteers, partner agency reps and stakeholders together for regional meetings, to discuss the challenges faced during events surrounding several remote area SAR incidents and how best to address them. Response 2 $ 298,288.36
CCGA Training Equipment Department of Fisheries and Oceans To acquire and distribute equipment to allow local training programs to be delivered to volunteers in each community. It will support the CCGA training effort, specifically in the areas of victim recovery and first aid treatment, including the use of defibrillators and CPR techniques. Response 2 $ 552,000.00
Yukon Territory SAR Enhancement Program Yukon To build and enhance the governance, Standing Operating Procedures, Occupational Health and Safety standards and training standards, training schedule and training delivery for SAR teams within the Yukon Territory. Response 3 $ 492,279.93
The Development and Installation of Equipment to Measure and Report Oceanographic Conditions for Diving at the Marine Environment Discovery Centre (MEDC) and Provide this Information to Divers Parks Canada Agency To develop and install equipment that will measure and transmit oceanographic conditions for divers. Response 2 $ 94,800.00
OSARVA - Volunteer GSAR in Ontario Ontario To train, inform, grow and develop the Ontario Volunteer GSAR Community. Response 2 $ 515,531.00
Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Education and Loaner Program Transport Canada To develop a marine safety and Personal Flotation Device Loaner Program suitable for the culture and environment in First Nations communities in Northern Ontario, and to thereby reduce and prevent marine injuries and fatalities in these communities by providing them with lifesaving PFD's. The Program's goal is to increase boating safety awareness, reduce injuries and fatalities and decrease SAR incidents. Prevention 3 $ 50,001.00
Deployable Search and Rescue Satellite Communications Gateway Department of National Defence To develop a Canadian Software Defined Radio based communications gateway, which can be readily deployed in the field during SAR and emergency situations occurring in remote locations. This would enable 2-way communications where the communications infrastructure is either inexistent or inefficient. Response 3 $ 566,812.13
Weather to Boat Transport Canada To continue to educate those who recreate on Canadian Waters by creating a suite of informative boating safety video messages in French and English and combine them with an effective delivery mechanism. Prevention 2 $ 725,595.00
Evaluation and Statistical Analysis of EO/IR Sensor Performance of CONOPS Development Department of National Defence To build an exercise area specific to SAR (range) which would include a set of various SAR targets and simulations. Targets would include representations of downed aircraft and simulations would include 'survivors', infra-red strobes and working with items/gear with retro-reflective properties. Response 3 $ 992,097.50
A High Resolution Ensemble Prediction System for SAR Environment Canada To develop a re-locatable, high-resolution ensemble prediction system (EPS) to determine the probable location of SAR targets and improved estimates of the risk of high wave events. Response 3 $ 708.800.00
Canadian East Coast Coupled Atmosphere Ocean Ice Forecasting System Department of Fisheries and Oceans To build on the Gulf of St-Lawrence coupled forecasting experience by developing a coupled atmosphere ocean and ice forecasting system for the entire east coast of Canada. Response 3 $ 762,300.00
Ground SAR Team Leader Aide Memoire Saskatchewan To develop a water resistant, pocket size booklet of checklists and reminders contaning details that need to be considered during SAR incidents which will assist Team Leaders in GSAR operations. Response 3 $ 38,437.00
Satellite Applications to Arctic Weather for SAR Operations (SAAWSO) Environment Canada To develop operational algorithms for the accurate detection of fog, low and high level clouds, low visibility and icing conditions in the Arctic for existing and future satellite platforms. Prevention 3 $ 698,000.00
GSAR SARSAV Training Standards Saskatchewan To review the National GSAR training criteria to ensure that SARSAV is fully compliant. Response 3 $ 240,157.00
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