Current activity

Current national emergencies and events

The Government Operations Centre (GOC) is responsible for coordinating the Government of Canada's response to emergency events. Here are some of the GOC's most recent response activities. See information about past events.

Hurricane season

The GOC works with the Canadian Hurricane Centre, the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other agencies who issue seasonal hurricane outlooks, to develop its annual preliminary risk assessment. It is agreed that all signs point towards above normal hurricane activity in the North Atlantic Ocean for 2022. Hurricane Fiona was the first of these storms to reach Canadian soil.

COVID-19 response

Since the start of the pandemic, the GOC coordinated Government of Canada activity in support of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and its role as the federal government lead for the response to COVID-19.

Through to the fall and winter of 2022-23, the pandemic is still affecting Canadians, though the level of response required from the GOC has been gradually pared down since May 2022. As of November 2022, the event team assigned to COVID-19 is activated at Level 1, Enhanced Reporting. The GOC continues to monitor the pandemic in Canada and is ready to escalate the response should the need arise.

See the PHAC site for more information about the current COVID-19 situation.

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