Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Description: The Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (HTNCC) is a centre of excellence that provides a focal point for law enforcement organizations in their efforts to combat human trafficking. Its mandate is to develop and coordinate activities and initiatives related to prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership. In place since 2005, the HTNCC works with domestic and international partner agencies, NGOs and the community at large.

HTNCC initiatives include a quarterly electronic Fast Facts newsletter; participation on the Government of Canada's Human Trafficking Task Force; development of awareness materials, tools, reports and training; and intelligence gathering and reporting on human trafficking investigations. In 2011, the HTNCC co-hosted, in partnership with Ottawa Police Service, a national human trafficking conference.
Objective: The HTNCC has six main priorities:
  • develop tools, protocols and guidelines to facilitate human trafficking investigations;
  • coordinate national awareness/training and anti-trafficking initiatives;
  • identify and maintain lines of communication;
  • identify issues for integrated coordination and provide support;
  • develop and maintain international partnerships and coordinate international initiatives; and
  • coordinate intelligence and facilitate the dissemination of information/intelligence to operational units across the country.
Outcomes: Since 2006, the HTNCC and its human trafficking awareness coordinators have provided training and/or awareness sessions to over 54,000 people in law enforcement, government, non-governmental organizations and the public across Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has distributed over 17,800 Human Trafficking Awareness Tool Kits, as well as additional awareness material. With the increase in awareness and training, there has been an increase in the number of human trafficking investigations across the country. The HTNCC is also regularly contacted by Canadian law enforcement agencies for guidance, suggestions and input on human trafficking investigations.
Resources: Initial start-up costs included expenses related to new dedicated employees.
Province: Ontario
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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