Human Trafficking - Funding Programs

Government of Canada Funding Programs

Contribution Program to Combat Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking (CPCCSEHT)

Public Safety Canada administers the Contribution Program to Combat Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking (CPCCSEHT). The CPCCSEHT provides funding towards eligible projects and/or initiatives that support public education and awareness, research, and targeted initiatives, such as the development and/or delivery of training and conferences to advance knowledge in the area of child sexual exploitation, particularly on the Internet and human trafficking. The contribution program is open to not-for-profit organizations, Aboriginal and non-status governments, organizations and communities, provincial, municipal and regional governments, Canadian universities and educational institutions, provincial, municipal and Aboriginal police services, and international not-for-profit organizations and/or non-governmental organizations. Proposals must be prepared in accordance to the terms and conditions of the contribution program.

Victims Fund

The Department of Justice administers the Victims Fund, which allows provinces and territories and non-governmental organizations to request funding to enhance services for Canadian and foreign national victims. It also provides financial assistance to victims of human trafficking in specified circumstances. With the new funding announced in Budget 2012, the Fund will have $11.6 million each year available to fund provinces, territories and non-governmental organizations whose projects, activities and operations support the objective of the Federal Victims Strategy.

Women's Program

Status of Women Canada administers the Women's Program and part of its programming priority area, “Ending violence against women and girls”, includes project funding to support female victims of human trafficking.

Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP)

The Government of Canada's Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP), administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, works to enhance the capacity of government agencies, international organizations and non-governmental entities to prevent and respond to threats posed by transnational criminal activity throughout the Americas using a variety of bilateral and multilateral project-delivery mechanisms. The ACCBP supports projects to build capacity in key source and transit countries to combat human trafficking.

Global Peace and Security Fund (GPSF)

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade manages the Global Peace and Security Fund, through which Canada has continued to develop and propose projects to promote international norms and in-country capacities to prevent and respond to human trafficking of women and girls for sexual purposes such as forced prostitution and enslavement in situations of armed conflict and state fragility, and/or human trafficking insofar as it is linked to state fragility and/or armed conflict or post-conflict more generally.

The Contribution Program to Combat Serious and Organized Crime (CPCSOC)

Public Safety Canada is working to advance efforts to prevent and combat human trafficking, under the Contribution Program to Combat Serious and Organized Crime (CPCSOC). The priorities of the CPCSOC 2018 Call for Applications is to increase knowledge, raise awareness and/or help advance efforts to prevent and combat human trafficking by providing multi-year contribution funding to an eligible organization to establish and maintain a national human trafficking hotline to receive, coordinate and dispatch calls to law enforcement, resources and local referral services for victims and survivors of human trafficking.

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