Upon release into the community

Research has shown that offenders do much better after their release if there is continued treatment and support in place to help them start a new life. People who stay in prison until the very end of their sentence and who have no supervision in the community are at a much greater risk of committing another crime. Since almost all offenders eventually are released from prison, it is certainly in society's interest to make their reintegration a success.

When under supervision in the community, offenders must follow strict rules:

The transition to life after prison is safer and more successful for all parties when there is supervision and support in the community. The statistics on releases and repeat offences speak for the success of Canada's rehabilitation and community support programs.   In 2011, 98% of day paroles and 94% of full paroles, were successfully completed. In the case of day parole, 0.2% ended with a violent offence.  In the case of full paroles, 0.5% ended with a violent offence. The majority of conditional release periods end for breaches of conditions (10.4% for day parole, 15.7% for full parole and 28.3% for statutory release).

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