Terms and Conditions
Grants Program (GP) to National Voluntary Organizations (NVOs)

1. Authority

Transfer payments under the authority of section 6(1)(c), Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Act, S.C. 2005, ch.10, the Treasury Board 788316 dated June 24, 1983,and theTreasury Board 823628 dated December 14, 1995. The Grants Program to National Voluntary Organizations (GP to NVOs) for the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness supports protection of the public and the maintenance of a just, peaceful and safe society.

2. Program Description & Objectives

In the context of this program, the purpose of the grants is to contribute to the development of criminal justice policies and delivery of services. The grants provide funding for National Voluntary Organizations (NVOs) to maintain a national structure and cover core operating expenses, including salaries and benefits, rent, translation, telephone, postage, and equipment/material for staff and board members.

The NVOs role in providing advice in community service delivery (particularly in the provision of after-care services) and public awareness is consistent with the mandates and objectives of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

The NVOs that are funded by the GP to NVOs provide a range of services in the area of corrections and conditional release, and therefore contribute to public safety. They also fulfill an important role in communities across the country in promoting training and development for criminal justice professionals and public education as well as policy consultation with government.

3. Expected Results and Outcomes

The activities and outputs of the programs are expected to lead to the immediate and intermediate outcomes. These outcomes can be associated to what the grants are expected to achieve.

Immediate Outcomes

Intermediate Outcomes

The intermediate outcomes are expected to lead to the following ultimate outcome. While many other social and political factors are expected to affect this outcome, it is still expected that the programs will contribute in a positive way to the achievement of this outcome.

4. Eligible Recipients

The class of eligible recipients are Canadian not-for-profit bodies and NVOs whose activities are consistent with the strategic directions and policy priorities of this program.

Crown Corporations, for profit groups, provinces, territories and individuals are not eligible for funding under the GP to NVOs.

The criteria for receiving a grant under the program include the following:

5. Eligible Initiatives and Key Activities

The funding provided under this program is to support the range of services provided by NVOs in the area of corrections and conditional release, and therefore contribute to public safety.

Funding can be used to deliver direct services and programs to offenders, which can include:

Funding is also used to provide support to victims, families of offenders and communities by delivering:

NVOs fulfill an important role in communities across the country and engage in other eligible activities such as providing training and educational initiatives for other voluntary/justice sector agencies and criminal justice professionals, as well as by participating in policy consultations with the government.

6. Stacking Limits

When applying for funding, NVOs will be required to indicate what, if any, government funds the organization expects to receive for core operating activities. Total Government Assistance will not exceed 100% of eligible costs.

If the limit of Total Government Assistance is exceeded, it will be considered an overpayment and a debt due to the Crown, and the department will either reduce future grant installments or seek reimbursement from the recipient.

7. Application Requirements

The following will be required of all applicants in order for the department to consider a grant application:

8. Selection Criteria and Review Procedure

The application must clearly outline how they meet the criteria specified under Section 4.

In addition, to prevent the risk of conflict of interest, the recipient must:

Grant applications will be reviewed by the Portfolio Liaison Committee on Relations with the Voluntary Sector, which is composed of officials from the department, Correctional Service of Canada, the Parole Board of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Recommendations from this Committee will be included in a memorandum prepared by the department to the Minister or his or her delegate.

9. Evaluation Procedure

During the funding cycle, the recipients will be required to submit Annual Reports to highlight the previous year's accomplishments, audited financial statements, and current and projected year budgets.

It will be the responsibility of the department's project manager to monitor whether the funding objectives are met.

10. Type and Nature of Expenditures

Eligible expenditures under the GP to NVOs will vary with the individual grants; however, they will be contained in a budget as an integral part of the grant application.

Some examples of expenditures are core operating expenses, including salaries and benefits, rent, translation, telephone, postage, and equipment/material for staff and board members.

Capital expenditures over $5,000 and hospitality expenses will not be allowed.

11. Maximum Amount

The maximum amount of grant payable to each recipient will be limited by the vote appropriated for this purpose and the foregoing criteria and will not exceed $600,000 per recipient, per year. The assistance is provided only at the minimum level to further the attainment of the stated transfer payment program objectives and expected results.

12. Determination of the Grant Amount

Grant amounts are based on the lowest level of funding required for the organization to maintain its national presence and deliver key services and activities that align with Public Safety's mandate and priorities. The following factors are considered to determine the amounts allocated to each organization:

13. Basis of Payment 

Payments will be made on the basis of multi-year arrangements with each NVO, and upon approval by the Minister – or his or her delegate – of a Grant Authorization form that provides the name and the annual amount of each grant.

Multi-year arrangements will allow the approval of grants to NVOs on an annual basis without the need to reapply during the same funding cycle.

Funding provided to NVOs will be disbursed annually over a multi-year funding cycle, subject to annual Parliamentary appropriations.

Annual grant amounts could be paid out by installments or a one-time payment, based on the amount of the grant.

14. Performance Measurement Strategy

The Performance Measurement Strategy contains strategies for on-going performance measurement, evaluation and reporting. The following is a list of key performance indicators that will assist in measuring and monitoring the progress of the GP to NVOs:

15. Intellectual Property

The recipient retains copyright for any work produced under the GP to NVOs. However, in the event the department wishes to use the intellectual property produced by a recipient, the following clause will included in the funding letter addressed to the recipient:

16. Official Languages

During the funding cycle, the recipient will respect official language commitments, and where applicable, make public announcements and public documents related to the grant available in both official languages.

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