SIP Application Resources

Funding and Eligibility

The SIP funds up to 50% of the cost of security projects—such as lighting, fencing, cameras, and alarms—up to a maximum of $100,000 per project. The remaining 50% of the project’s cost are to be covered by the recipient. Submit one application per project site.

Under this program payment is generally provided at the end of your project as a reimbursement. The program covers costs for work conducted only following the signature of a contribution agreement with Public Safety Canada. Any work or purchases conducted prior to signature is not reimbursable or eligible under the program.

Project proposals should align with the goal and objectives of the SIP. Contributions cannot be used in combination with any other federal/provincial/territorial/regional/municipal government assistance for the same purpose and eligible expenses.

The SIP is only eligible to private, not-for-profit organizations that can demonstrate they are a community at risk of hate-motivated crime:

More information on the program can be found in our terms and conditions, the dedicated SIP homepage, our frequently asked questions and our application guide.

Determining Your Needs: Security Assessments

Although it is not a requirement, consider applying under the program for a professional security assessment to better understand and address your unique security needs.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessments are often offered by your local police service (at no financial cost) or a private security firm and can help inform your project and specific needs. Note that CPTED is not the only type of assessment you can receive - many others exist.

Please refer to our application guide and our frequently asked questions section for more information.

Your Funding Application

Before beginning your application for funding, please refer to our application guide. It contains helpful information to ensure the success of your application as well as a breakdown of questions listed in the application form. You may also find our frequently asked questions section to be useful.


The equipment chosen will be assessed based on type and proposed location, as to whether it is of fair market value and meets the objectives of the program to prevent and/or deter hate-motivated crime. Please refer to the terms and conditions, the application guide, our frequently asked questions page and the security equipment pricing guide to help you determine what is considered eligible.

Supporting Documents:

The supporting documents and letters of support allow the applicant to demonstrate their need for SIP funding at their project site as a result of hate-motivated crime. It is up to the applicant to choose who could best speak to the issues your project site and community face in terms of risk of hate-motivated crime. Refer to our application guide and frequently asked questions for more information on supporting documents.

Budget and Quotes

Your budget items is your list of all costs associated to your security infrastructure project. Your budget, the comparative quotes and the floor plans all speak to each other in terms of item names/identifiers, costs, totals, number of items etc. as well as match the scope of work listed in your application form. They must include all the necessary details as laid out in our application, budget and quote guides. We recommend you review these resources for more information and instructions prior to completing them.

Ensure your quotes are comparable, broken down and include all information about selected company. For a training quote, please list the curriculum in the quote, instructor qualifications, number of participants, hours, and cost per hour.

What do we mean by comparable quotes?

We require a comparable quote from two companies for each aspect of the project and/or same type of items to ensure fair-market value which protects you and the public funds (i.e. two quotes that include CCTV equipment, two quotes that include fencing etc.). They do not have to be the exact same products but should be similar enough to compare. You can refer to our online pricing guide to help you determine fair market value.

Floor Plans

The floorplans and/or sketches you submit as part of your application must include clearly identifiable locations of the security equipment listed in your budget. Please use a legend. Please note that the installation of security equipment must respect privacy laws and fit within the objectives of the SIP.

If you have two different types of the same equipment type such as fixed and PTZ cameras, please use differentiating indicators on your floorplans and include a legend (e.g. fixed camera = A1, A2, A3…). Floor plans should also include labels for each room to identify its purpose (e.g. laundry room, chapel, office etc.) Refer to the application guide and frequently asked question for more information on floorplans.

Contacting Us and Submitting Your Application

For more information on the SIP and to apply, contact us by email or by phone. After you submit your application, monitor your inbox and junk/spam mail folder regularly as we may try to contact you. Prompt responses with your Program Officer will ensure a speedy process for your project.

A complete application could take 6 months to finalize their project from the moment an applicant is informed that they have been recommended for funding.


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