Instructions for completing the SIP Budget Template

Download Budget Template (XLS format).

Please fill in the blue shaded areas in the worksheet.  The rest of the template will auto-fill.

For additional information on how to complete the budget template, please contact a Program Officer at

Important notes:

Note that each expense cash contribution item must be supported by a quote.  Please ensure that all expenses items are listed under the appropriate category.

Once your budget Template is completed, refer to the "Verification checklist" tab to ensure that you did not miss any important details.

Column A - Budget Items

Fill in the description for each project expense/activity under the appropriate category: Security Assessment, Minor Construction, Security Equipment and Hardware Costs, Closed Circuit Television System, Training, and Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation. For example, 'security cameras' would be placed under the Closed circuit television systems category. Installation for the security cameras would be placed under the ‘minor construction & labour’ category and training provided to personnel on the use of the security cameras would be placed under the Training category. Within the ‘Minor Construction & Labour’ category, the individual labour costs associated with each security upgrade should be indicated with a short description (ie. alarm system installation, fencing installation, conduit excavation cost, etc…)

Activities eligible for support could include:

Funds may only be requested for expenses directly related to the activities of the project such as:

Funds do not cover ineligible expenses such as :

Please note that Public Safety Canada is not responsible for the maintenance of the security equipment obtained through this program.

Any enhancements must adhere to municipal codes, by-laws and provincial/territorial laws and regulations.

Column B - Cost per unit

Fill in the cost per unit without taxes for all expenses. For example, if this is an expense in the Security Equipment and Hardware category for chain link fencing, then this box would contain the cost per linear foot of fencing. Cost per Unit amounts must not exceed two decimal points – for example $25.33, not $25.3334.

Column C - Number of Units

Fill in the number of units/items for all expenses. For example, if the expense is in the Security Equipment and Hardware category, the box must contain the number of linear feet of fencing required for this project. This box would contain the number of items your project requires. Other unit measures could be 'per hour', per day (rental equipment), etc. The information entered must be supported by quotes.

Column D - Total Cost

This column will fill in automatically based on the amounts in the Cost per Unit and Number of Units columns.

Columns F through J - Cash and In-kind Contributions

You must specify if a contribution from another non-governmental source is cash or in-kind. Generally, a cash contribution would appear in the organization's ledger as revenue (cheque, transfer of funds, direct deposit, etc.).

Enter cash contribution amounts in Column G and the names of all sources (name of person or organization) of each cash contribution in Column F. Similarly, enter in-kind contribution amounts in Column G and the names of all sources (person, organization) of each in-kind contribution in Column H.

The maximum amount of in-kind contributions can be up to 10% of the total project cost. The supplier and installation companies chosen to perform the work are ineligible to provide the in-kind contributions.

Breakdown the amounts that each person or organization is contributing to the project. Ensure the source of funding listed is the complete legal name of the organization contributing to the project.

Only include cash/in-kind contributions that are confirmed. This would be any contribution that a source has indicated they will provide when/if the project takes place. If contributions from other sources are not confirmed, they should not be included in the budget.

Column L - Requested Contribution from Public Safety Canada

Amounts in this column will automatically fill based on each expense total as well as contributions from other sources.

GST and HST Tax Rebates

Insert the percentage of GST and/or HST tax rebate, as applicable.

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