NIEM Learning, Tools and Resources

While the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) is large and complex, using it can be relatively straightforward and actually save time and effort. In order to help implementers take full advantage of NIEM, a number of resources have been made available online.

Online Training

The NIEM PMO has made several training modules available online.  These modules are listed below. 

Data Exchange Toolkit

This toolkit provides comprehensive templates, guidelines and documentation for data exchanges. While the toolkit was developed with a United States audience in mind, it can still be used as a basis for Canadian information exchange implementers. The toolkit features a four phased approach: defining scope and identifying candidates for data exchanges; assessing and identifying solutions; planning and implementing solutions; and evaluating the improvement to measure the impact of the initiative.

Classroom Training

The IJIS Institute, in partnership with NIEM PMO, offers classroom-based NIEM technical training. These training sessions take place in the US but are nonetheless open to Canadian participants. To find out more about this training option, see NIEM Technical Training Course.

The option to host a classroom-based training session in Canada is also available.  Interested parties can contact the PS NIEM Team for details.


To complement the online and classroom training options, the NIEM PMO offers a series of webinars through their web site.  This on-demand training material covers areas such as tools and cost models.

Hosted Training Sessions

In October 2011, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) Chief Information Officer Branch (CIOB) coordinated NIEM training sessions for a small number of Federal employees in Ottawa. The training sessions were delivered by the IJIS Institute, and addressed both the Executive and the Program Manager levels.  

Similar sessions tailored for Executive, Program Manager, and Technical audiences may be arranged for delivery within Canada. For additional information, please contact the PS NIEM Team.

NIEM Awareness Sessions

Public Safety Canada's CIO Directorate offers NIEM awareness sessions free of charge for groups within the Canadian Federal Government. The PS NIEM Team works with each prospective organization to customize each session to meet the specific needs of the audience. Each session typically consists of a presentation, followed by a question and answer period. 

For additional information, or to schedule a session, please contact the PS NIEM Team.

NIEM Tools

The NIEM community has developed a number of tools to help implementers develop and deploy information exchanges.  The NIEM PMO has assembled a set of tools that cover all aspects of NIEM here.  Additional tools to facilitate NIEM use are described below.

NIEM Engagement Process

In order to provide organizations with a structured approach to determine how to apply NIEM for their information exchanges, the NIEM PMO has developed the NIEM Engagement Process.

Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) v2.0

The Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) v2.0 is an open source toolkit that facilitates the development and implementation of XML exchanges. The approach taken by CAM aligns well with the NIEM approach, meaning that CAM can be used to develop and implement NIEM exchanges.

NIEM Wayfarer v3.0

The NIEM Wayfarer v3.0, hosted by the US National Centre for State Courts (NCSC), is a searchable online database of NIEM elements that exist in either NIEM Core v2.1 or in one of the Domain Schema v2.1. This tool can be used to identify existing data elements for reuse in a new information exchange.

A stand-alone version of the NIEM Wayfarer tool, the NIEM Stand-Alone Wayfarer (SAW), enables users to search for existing NIEM elements while offline.

UML Profile for NIEM

The UML Profile for NIEM is an Object Management Group (OMG) approved standard that facilitates model-driven design of NIEM artefacts using UML.

NIEM IEPD Clearinghouse

It is recommended that IEPD's be reused to the greatest extent possible, to reduce development costs and proliferation of redundant exchanges. Existing IEPD's are published, and can be searched online at the NIEM IEPD Clearinghouse, a service hosted by the US Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs.

NIEM Subset Schema Generation Tool (SSGT)

For a single exchange, only a small subset of the entire NIEM data model is typically required. The NIEM Subset Schema Generation Tool (SSGT) can be used to search through the entire data model and select the elements to be used for the exchange (i.e. the subset schema).

Assistance in understanding and applying these tools to develop and implement NIEM-based information exchanges can be obtained by contacting the PS NIEM Team.

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