Happy 10th birthday NIEM!

NIEM celebrated its 10 birthday this April! Coming a long way from its inception in 2005 containing only a few communities of practice in the United States, to now in 2015 where NIEM has since grown in Canada, Australia, and even in Europe!

Although NIEM started out as a national Justice and Public Safety effort, it has now expanded to other domains such as Military Operations and Human Services. Over the years, the NIEM community has collaborated with the Industry to make it easier to use NIEM by providing tools and solutions. This is shown with the development of a NIEM-UML profile, and the Geo4NIEM initiative for examples.

The NIEM PMO is celebrating by posting on the niem.gov website a series of videos highlighting some of NIEM success stories. Go and check them out!

Have you been using NIEM in a novel and noteworthy way or are you starting a project that uses NIEM? We continue to encourage Canadian organizations in adopting NIEM and if you have any questions with regards to NIEM implementation or usage in Canada, please do not hesitate to contact us at PS.NIEMinCanada-NIEMauCanada.SP@ps-sp.gc.ca.

NIEM in Canada
Public Safety Canada
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