Integrated Border Enforcement Teams

The Integrated Border Enforcement Teams (IBET) are multi-agency law enforcement teams that target cross-border criminal activity. There are IBETs operating in all regions, on land and sea, along the border. The operational model is a partnership where information-sharing is used to stay one step ahead of criminals and terrorists.

Originally developed in 1996 as an innovative method to address cross-border crime along land and marine borders between British Columbia and Washington State, IBETs have evolved into a major enforcement success. IBETs have effectively disrupted smuggling rings, confiscated illegal drugs, weapons, liquor, tobacco and vehicles, and made numerous arrests. IBETs have also intercepted criminal networks attempting to smuggle illegal migrants across the border.


Public Safety works with its partners to develop policies for IBETs. There are five core partner agencies involved:

Additional partners include municipal and provincial governments and law enforcement agencies.


IBETs operate in the following 15 regions along the Canada-U.S. border:

For further information on IBETs, please visit the RCMP website:

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